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The second biggest city in Greece and the Cultural Capitol of Europe for 1997 within the institution “European Cities of Culture”, Thessaloniki offers a rich cultural agend, exciting night life, multiple food proposals, and a great market.

Thessaloniki has a great tradition as a big commercial port which connects the transportations between Europe and Middle East. That’s why the influence of multiple different cultures is obvious in the architectural view of the city. The cosmopolitan character of the city becomes distinct to the lively and modern mood of the people and the stylish shops, cafés, restaurants and bars.

The best place to start your walk to Thessaloniki, is certainly tha old coast. Enjoy Theramaikos’ breeze, while you’re drinking your coffee in one of the many cafés in Nikis Avenue, walk eating pumpkin seed (pasatembo) with the view of the symbol of the city, the White Tower, or go cicling starting from the historic building of the port and reaching the Music Hall at the new beach.

A variety of Byzantine monuments and churches mixes with the cityscape, revealing the important orthodox past of the city. Walking down the narrow alleys of the historic center of the city, the scents from the taverns overwhelm the visitor.

When the night falls, Thessaloniki is full of life and prooves that whatever may happen, Thessaloniki’s residents know how to have fun!